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Bird On A Wire launches Fried Chicken and Black Pepper Tofu

Fried Chicken

Beloved free-range chicken rotisserie Bird On A Wire ( has debuted two new mouth-watering menu additions, Fried Chicken andBlack Pepper Tofu to much excitement.

Inspired by the rise of high-end fried chicken overseas, the Bird team spent many long hours crafting the perfect recipe. After a lot of tasting, they decided on free-range chicken thighs, seasoned and prepared confit-style, then served with a choice of housemade gravy or jalapeno yoghurt ($5 per piece).

Black Pepper Tofu has been launched as a vegetarian alternative to the pulled free-range chicken that many customers choose to add to their salads.  The stores’ have over 100 different vegetarian salads, of which eight are available each day. This seasonal selection has become an Auckland favourite and the Bird team is thrilled that vegetarians will now also be able to add extra protein ($4).

Good friends and hospitality veterans Sophie Gilmour, Ben Grant and David Holmes opened the first location of Bird On A Wire at 234 Ponsonby Road in March, 2012 and it has become a must-visit already.  A contemporary take on the classic neighborhood takeaway chicken shop, Bird On A Wire offers free-range rotisserie chicken, salads, sandwiches and sides, all made with ethical and sustainable ingredients.  In November, 2013, the trio opened Box of Bird, a downtown kiosk providing Auckland City’s bustling CBD with an edited version of the flagship’s menu.  A second city location of Box of Bird opened in 2014 and an expansive 40-seat Bird On A Wire opened in Takapuna in 2015.