Trickle Insights tracks sales data from hundreds of hospitality and tourist hot spots across New Zealand, and following on from the opening of the trans-Tasman bubble on 19 April its data saw the industry net the biggest sales week of the year.

Across the week,Trickle Insights saw a 38% increase in sales from hospitality venues from the country, with both the Auckland and Otago regions seeing most of the gains. The sales increase far exceeded the sales data of the America’s Cup and St Patrick’s Day boom. 

“Like anyone in hospo, we hoped the trans-Tasman bubble would see a jump in sales across Aotearoa. Any increase is good, but we wanted to see a real jump in sales linking the opening of the borders and the lifting of travel restrictions – and the numbers are astounding,” says Adrian Wills, founder of Trickle Insights. 

“The hospitality industry was bracing itself for a long and hard winter as this time of year sees a natural dip in sales as the weather gets cooler. We’re absolutely thrilled to see this unprecedented and huge increase for venues. Long may it continue,” says Wills.

Trickle Insights estimates the hospitality industry post-Covid is set to be worth anywhere between $8 billion and $12 billion. Trickle Insights has seen that welcoming tourists back to the country will play an important part in helping to grow an industry that has worked incredibly hard to survive the last twelve months. 

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