Burgers range in taste and style

To add an egg or not to add an egg – that is the great Kiwi Burger question of the moment!

As burgers continue to grow in popularity such burning questions are top of mind throughout the country. A recent Beef+Lamb survey showed that 74 percent of participants agreed that the egg is a vital component of the burger bonanza.

The first hamburger was said to have been created way back in 1900 in New Haven Connecticut, USA. It consisted of a ground meat patty between two slices of bread! Oh how things have changed. McDonalds alone sells a record 2.6 billion burgers each year globally.

To many it is the bun that makes the burger! The bun has become a staple discussion point – wholemeal, white, sesame, milk based, gluten free, you name it, it is now on the menu at both fast food and casual dining establishments. Considered equally as important are the range of delicious mayonnaise, cheese, mustard, or sauces that go with the mighty meat, chicken, fish or plant based patty.

Love ‘em or loathe them, to leave a good burger range off your casual dining menu would be costing you major profits.

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