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CardsSafe credit card units from Europe

Fact – credit card customers spend more. Encouraging customers to use their credit cards and set up a “tab” increases spend by up to 35%, Visa have found in the UK.

cardssafe-unit-laptopWould you leave your wallet or purse with a perfect stranger in a bar? That is what what we ask our patrons to do everyday in bars, clubs and restaurants across New Zealand. To set up a running “tab“, a patron’s credit card may be placed in a business card holder or even a glass jar in an unsecured area –is this the safest practice? Especially with payWave now a very popular form of payment, a patron’s credit card must be kept safe and secure.

With patrons becoming increasingly reluctant to leave cards for payment security due to the rise in credit card fraud, CardsSafe NZ have a tried and tested solution from the UK – these systems have been used in over 3000 establishments in the UK and in Australia . Our tourists expect secure transactions and peace of mind.

cardssafe-unit-1The standalone system has 10 credit card compartments and the units can be secured safely to a wall. The credit card is placed in the safe and the key is kept by the customer, until its time to settle their account. The units are personalised for your business with name and telephone number on all keys.

The CardsSafe system prevents costly walk outs on “tabs“ and as customers spend more on their credit cards than when paying cash, restaurants have found that the system could pay for itself.

The units are available to rent or to buy and they can cost as little as under $1 a day. Offer peace of mind to your customers while they enjoy their food or drinks and keep their credit cards secure whilst not in their possession.

For more information, contact or call Tracy on 021 0222 0015