Running a tab for customers’ purchases on their debit and credit cards is an everyday thing for hospitality businesses – but it is only as secure as the methods that are used. Many establishments rely on old-school approaches such as a business card holder kept behind the bar – and some are even known to keep customers’ cards in a jar!

Handling valuable debit and credit cards this way is a situation wide-open to fraudulent misuse, including cloning, ghosting and other forms of identity theft, especially with paywave, as well as billing mistakes by hospitality staff. Small wonder that many security-conscious international visitors are horrified at our relaxed Kiwi ways and refuse to hand over their cards.

CardsSafe is a physical security system for debit and credit cards that offers businesses – and customers – peace of mind. Well-known in the UK, where it is used in venues from Hilton Hotels to local sports clubs, CardsSafe is a distinctive, tower-shaped unit of 10 numbered drawers in which customers’ cards can be locked away; each customer is given their unique, only fits-their-drawer key. When the time comes to settle the bill, it’s a simple matter of opening the CardsSafe drawer and releasing the card for payment.

This system virtually eliminates fraudulent card misuse through cloning and ghosting. CardsSafe also puts an end to most mistakes behind the bar.

CardsSafe pays for itself time and time again.Compare that to the cost of walk-outs where a single table “doing a runner” could pay for a unit . It’s a small price to pay for fewer hassles, increased profits and happier, better-spending customers. Not to mention peace of mind. Other benefits for the business include increased spend by credit card users which is backed by independent research by Visa International showing that cards users spend up to 35% more that cash customers. For more information contact CardsSafe Ltd, Auckland:

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