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Something’s Cooking at the New World Turangi kitchen. We want to be New Zealanders’ first stop for fresh food, inspiring dinner solutions and all round awesome in store experiences, and what’s a kitchen without a chef?

To show our customers that there is always Something Cooking at New World, we are looking for experienced chefs to let loose their creative side and develop in-store recipes, meal solutions and provide inspiration for your local community.

To gain a deeper understanding what’s involved in catering to customers each day, we’ve caught up with Fresh Foods Manager and internationally experienced Chef, Jarred Holt from New World Kumeu.

What is your background in food?

As a chef by trade, I’ve been in the food and hospitality industry for the past eleven years. Over my career I’ve had the opportunity to work in fine dining restaurants, on vineyards, in hotels, on Super Yachts in the Mediterranean, and have catered several prestigious world-class events.

Some highlights have included cooking for the South African Rugby team and becoming a regional Fresh Foods Manager in South Africa looking after 46 stores.

What first attracted you away from the traditional kitchen and into a supermarket kitchen?

Working in a supermarket kitchen has been life-changing, it’s meant I’ve been able to enjoy more of a work-life balance as I’m no longer doing long night shifts and have more time to spend with friends and family.

One thing I really enjoy is the diversity and culture within our supermarkets and the opportunity to learn about and interact with customers on a regular basis. This is uncommon practice for a chef, as their role normally involves creation in the kitchen space. 

Have there been big similarities in the two environments?

When I first began my role at New World Kumeu the store kitchen was kitted with the essentials needed for everyday cooking and baking. As we’ve grown and expanded our fresh food offering, New World Kumeu owner Wade Brown’s ensured that we’ve got the best cooking and baking utensils needed to upscale our kitchen production.

The kitchen space has really transformed starting out with a rice cooker and electric fry pan, to now having a donut machine for the bakery and an orange squeezer for the produce department. It’s great that we get to offer our customers variety in store.

In terms of key differences or initial challenges, what is the biggest for you?

An initial challenge was understanding the sheer volume of food prepared in-store. From salads to deli meats and bakery goods, there’s a large amount of food cooked in the store, which gives the team space to get creative when bringing to life our fresh food offering.

What is the most exciting thing about the role?

My favourite thing about the role is the ability to move around multiple departments in a day. Working across teams means I’m able to find out what’s trending and popular in the world of food and then take it and see how I can implement it for our customers. I also really enjoy finding creative solutions to help minimise our food waste, for example we use the left-over roast chickens as a base for our chicken pies, wraps, meatballs, and chicken pasta.

Would you recommend such a role for other chefs?

Working as a supermarket chef is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to broaden their skillset and knowledge in a fast-paced and customer facing environment. With New World’s focus now on their fresh food offering there is plenty of opportunity to deliver exciting new food options to customers that don’t cost the planet or the wallet. We really need more chef experts in-store as their knowledge and expertise help to lead and train up a wider team who help to cook and prepare food for customers on a daily basis.

New World Turangi is looking to fill this position right now! So follow the link and apply

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