Over 55 per cent of Australian restaurant bookings were made through online channels in 2021, unsurprising since Aussies spend over 6 hours online each day

For restaurant, bar and cafe owners that means more research is being done online by prospective patrons looking to book their next night out.

Many venues know this and have increased their investment in digital marketing and social media, however are struggling to turn that into quantifiable bookings.

Almost half of venues still taking bookings manually

Despite increased investment in digital marketing, 43 per cent of Aussie venue operators are still using pen and paper to manage their bookings.

If your venue is one of them, you are missing out on a huge market of potential customers who are looking for easier ways to book.

Turn Likes into Bookings

One easy way for you to turn your online marketing activity into bookings is with ResDiary Lite, a widget that enables you to take bookings directly from your website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and restaurant discovery platform, DishCult.

For Little Savanna, a booming bar and restaurant, 60 to 70 per cent of their bookings come from ResDiary’s online booking widgets.

How else online bookings help

As well as making it easier for customers to book, online bookings mean less phone interruptions and improved booking visibility for Little Savanna.

It also saves them from responding manually to booking enquiries, and has eliminated miscommunications often caused by manual processes.

About ResDiary Lite

ResDiary’s online reservations software is accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet, using a web browser or dedicated app which also sends alerts directly to your phone.

Unlike other platforms, you remain in complete ownership of your customer data and there is no commission charged for unlimited online bookings.

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