New Zealand is probably the only first world country not to have value added Duck as a staple at both retail & foodservice level. Duck in NZ has been sold either as a raw whole product, raw parts (breast, legs etc) or smoked duck breast.  This is all about to change with the approval of one of the world’s largest poultry integration (CP Foods – Thailand) passing the world’s most stringent of bio-security tests to sell Frozen Cooked Value Added Duck into the NZ Market.  Currently no other country is allowed to sell Cooked Frozen Duck to NZ.

With NZ per capita Duck consumption of just over 600g compared to Chicken at 36Kg!  NZ is far behind our neighbours Australia at 1.65Kg. This has been very much due to the lack of options at both retail, foodservice level and thus giving the end user either at home or in a restaurant the limited option of creating fun and creative meals.

Together with Shore Mariner, CP Foods is now able to bring the 2 top selling lines that feature in all EU, Canada and Asian markets to New Zealand. The Boneless Roasted Aromatic Crispy Duck & Fried Boneless Peking Duck are cooked in a time consuming process to authentic recipes that have remain unchanged for decades.  After being cooked, the products are hand-deboned, vacuumed packed and IQF frozen.

On arrival, chefs are able to easily defrost the product, serve in a variety of Western, Asian and fusion cuisines – from pizza toppings, sandwich fillers, Peking duck pancakes and more. Finally you don’t have to spend copious amounts of time cooking raw duck and the time that comes with it.

For a menu solution which ticks the boxes of versatility, quality, convenience, consistency, and authenticity, our duck range is the answer. For more information, contact CP Foods’ NZ distributor; Shore Mariner Ltd.      [email protected]    09 270 3311

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