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Entrepreneurs shift to global markets

Canadian vegan cookies in London’s Harrods, LA burgers in Dubai, Singaporean confectionary in Saudi Arabia, an American plant-based restaurant in Selfridges, and the world’s first African food hall slated to open in New York’s Harlem and then London; a post-Covid hospitality industry is seeing a shift to a more global outlook. 

“The radical changes the hospitality industry has seen due to pandemic has created the necessity to widen our arms, looking beyond a national and international scope and embracing a global view,” says Simon Wright, founder of award-winning hospitality agency TGP International, which has just announced the addition of nine renowned chefs spanning five continents to their existing portfolio.

The strategic move was said to be to diffuse international talent to a post-Covid global market, which in turn will provide strength and vigour to an industry that continues to suffer social and financial consequences of the pandemic, regardless of nation.

“Consumers of the world will see their local hospitality industry enriched by the injection of global culinary talent.” says Wright. “For our part 2022, the year of our 20th anniversary, will see TGP positioning its portfolio of brands and chefs into new territories offering new opportunities around the world.” he adds

Significant 2022 opening announcements made by TGP that reflect this shift to a more global outlook include:

–Multiple new openings at Expo 2020 Dubai.
– Indian Chef Rohit Ghai taking his restaurant Kutir to Dubai.
– David Thompson’s Long Chim to open in London.
– Armenian-American Chef Geoffrey Zakarian opened in Dubai, and opening in Doha.
– Cuban Chef Luis Pous opening El Takoy in London and Riyadh.
– Greek Chef Tommy opening Baron from Beirut in Dubai and Riyadh.
– Canadian Kimberly Lin bringing Floozie cookies to Harrods.
– American celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney opening his doors in Selfridges and Dubai.
– LA-based David Myers opening his Adrift burger concept in Dubai.
– Chef Alexander Smalls will open the world’s first African food hall in London and New York.