2020 and 2021 provided business challenges across the hospitality sector prompting timely reminders for business survival. 

These key points will ensure your hospitality business is ready to get off to a great start in the new year.

7 benefits of using QR code menus in your restaurant
Rather than having staff stand near a table and wait for customers to choose from a traditional printed menu, a QR code menu means that customers can send their orders off to the kitchen as soon as they’re ready.
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How do Ghost Kitchens work?
Typically, ghost kitchens prepare meals when they’re ordered in a commercial kitchen that doesn’t have a dining area or utilise a restaurant kitchen mothballed due to lockdown restrictions.
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plant-based menu nz

Let them eat plants
A huge wave of health and socially conscious plant-based eaters, concerned not only about their own wellbeing but that of the planet, is sweeping the world and Kiwi chefs are being forced to sit up and listen as the trend takes hold here too. Is your menu in need of plant-based inspiration?
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Solving rostering problems for your employees
With COVID-19 having a huge impact on the hospitality industry, local mid-market businesses are looking very closely at how they manage and maximise their teams.
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