One of Joylab’s four Auckland Airport establishments came out on top for innovation at the International Airport Food & Beverage Awards in Dallas. Wondering what it takes to be an award-winning venue? Here are Joylab Managing Director, John Hellebrekers’ top five reasons for how Glamp Grounds became the best in airport hospitality innovation since it opened for business in September 2018.

  1. A Kiwi holiday experience

From the very get go when we were developing the Glamp Grounds concept, we stuck to Auckland Airport’s vision of creating a sense of place; celebrating that this is a New Zealand airport. The theme of travel made us think of the iconic kiwi bach. So, in the fit-out there are cues of camping through timber and fencing work, a caravan for takeaway coffee, and striped umbrellas that transport you to the beach. It’s the essence of New Zealand which is something you won’t see at any other international airport.

  1. The first and only airside kids’ play area

Playgrounds are hard to come by in airports, but can be a lifesaver for travelling families. At Glamp Grounds you can relax and recharge over a wine or a beer while your kids run off some energy before you hop on your flight. The entry point of the playground is through a miniature pink caravan, a journey in itself and something that you wouldn’t expect. Again, it’s about the kiwi holiday experience.

  1. A high-street food and beverage offering at the Airport

Airport food traditionally has a reputation for being bland and not so fresh, so we’ve brought the offerings of the city to the airport. From fish & chips and burgers, to healthy salads and Asian cuisine – with menus in both English and Mandarin to cater to an international patronage. The high-street offering extends to comfort, too. Travelers can enjoy private work stations to charge their devices and get a bit done before they board. We also offer kids or adults ‘flight boxes’ to take on your flight which include things like snacks and activities for the kids, and grazing platters for adults.

  1. Brews with views

Glamp Grounds enjoys sweeping views of the runway out to the Manukau Harbour and the Manukau Heads, all from the bar. It’s a nice, relaxing way to enjoy a Heineken or a Tuatara with a picturesque view of New Zealand scenery and a chance to catch some rays. The view is an unexpected bonus for an airport establishment and offers a final glimpse of New Zealand to departing travelers.

  1. 10% back with Joylab Rewards

With the Joylab Rewards Club, customers earn $1 for every $10 spent, redeemable at any of our 20+ bars, pubs and restaurants across Auckland, including Glamp Grounds. This means that Joylab customers can earn rewards dollars for dining at Glamp Grounds, or spend rewards dollars they’ve earned elsewhere on their airport dining experience. This is all about adding value for our regulars and rewarding them whether they are at their local pub, or heading overseas with their family.

Looking back, the success was in pinning down a clear concept for Glamp Grounds from day one; the unique kiwi holiday experience. Then it was about bringing it to life at this all-important tourist location; our biggest international airport, by making sure the theme came through in the fit-out, menu, and delivery. Now that Glamp Grounds is approaching a year old, we’re challenging ourselves more than ever to make it a better customer experience. I am a firm believer that you should never fall in love with your product. We always ask ourselves, ‘can it be better?’ and continue to treat it like the high-street establishment that it is. This means promotions, celebrations of birthdays and reasons to come back. We’re not a stagnant Airport establishment so we don’t set and forget. We’re about to improve the entrance and how we engage the customer at an emotional level earlier on in the Auckland Airport journey, so watch this space!

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