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Gluten Freedom Everyday Sandwich Bread Brown giving more options

rsz_gluten_freedom_everday_sandwich_bread_brownThe just released Gluten Freedom Everyday Sandwich Bread Brown is a reliable, tasty new sandwich bread with great flavour, soft texture and a high fibre content. The development of the Gluten Freedom recipes meant a lot of very late nights and very early mornings as literally hundreds of variants were tested, tasted and retested until they were happy with the end result. Their ultimate goal was to produce a range of products that were as normal and flavoursome as non-gluten free bread. Gluten Freedom Everyday Sandwich Bread Brown also has the added advantage of being soy and diary free.

Gluten Freedom Everyday Sandwich Bread Brown is created with brown rice syrup, flax fibre and gluten free flours including tapioca, rice, coconut and sorghum just to name a few ingredients. A resistant maize starch helps boost fibre to over 9% and has the benefit of being a pre-biotic.

Made in a gluten free facility with 13 years experience means you can be confident this product is gluten, dairy and soy free. This bread can be frozen, or refrigerated in an airtight container. It is great for all normal bread uses.

The Gluten Freedom brand was launched in 2012 and is part of the Venerdi group of brands. Venerdi is the second biggest producer of gluten-free bread in New Zealand. In 2002, Venerdi embarked on producing spelt biscotti for farmers’ markets; they then created spelt breads and sold their products in organic shops and later supermarkets. They now produce a large range of gluten free breads and have a very satisfying business that benefits a large variety of people.