Hospitality New Zealand (HNZ) and the Backpacker Youth and Adventure Tourism
Association (BYATA) have concluded a consultation period and signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Both organisations recognise and acknowledge the need for a single industry voice representing accommodation providers across New Zealand and the need to work collaboratively as tourism and hospitality businesses begin their respective journeys to revive and thrive once again.

Hospitality New Zealand has always led the sector as the single source of truth and draws upon its strong effective ability to advocate for its members on issues relating to the accommodation sector and welcomes the greater alignment of the two organisations within the New Zealand tourism and hospitality eco-system.

Key outcomes include strengthening the strong central government relationships held by both organisations and creating awareness and greater visibility of the needs and support required from the local government sector for accommodation sector-specific issues such as short-term rental regulations.

Hospitality New Zealand Chief Executive, Julie White says “The challenges ahead for our
industry call for collaboation and to ensure the survival of a once-thriving accommodation sector.”

“This deeper relationship will ensure we have a strong industry voice and meets the needs of the wide range of accommodation providers, such as the backpacker and youth sector, who have their unique set of challenges right now,” adds White.

Backpacker Youth and Adventure Tourism Association Chair, Jenni Powell comments “The board and membership of BYATA are really excited for the partnership we have ahead of us and the commitment we share to strengthen the relationship between HNZ and BYATA and encourage greater understanding on accommodation specific issues.”

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