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Innovative Postmix Technology

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New Fountain postmix equipment installed in the 1876 Bar & restaurant in Queenstown has enabled the bar to increase efficiency. It’s a very busy bar serving high volumes. The bar upgraded equipment from two to four guns, with each system delivering eight flavours plus soda and chilled water. This has provided the opportunity to add new cocktail flavours from the Fountain range to each gun, such as cherry pomegranate.

An innovative installation by Fountain used latest high quality Italian-built Celli chillers and eliminated one of the pumps, resulting in the system running smoother and quieter. The result at the gun was more fizz, more taste and faster, colder drink delivery to every glass. The system was customised to fit spaces behind the bars.

Racking of the bag-in-box postmix syrups makes excellent use of vertical space. Replacement syrup boxes are snapped into the system quickly and easily.

1876 switched from bottles to postmix four years ago, releasing space for more efficient bar operation. More and more bars like 1876 are removing the costs of storing bottled mixes and the problems of haing to trash or recycle plastic bottles.

Fountain postmix delivers no waste and significant cost savings from every pour.

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