While many were seeking out stylishly tasty escargot’s, croissants, crepes and all things French for Bastille Day, a Hamilton based chef had other ideas for July 14.

Chef Chris Taylor keeps his family’s mac n’ cheese recipe a closely guarded secret. The dish he learnt at a young age from his dad sparked his passion for cooking, leading him to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in hospitality.

Mac N’ Cheese is now one of the most popular dishes his customers order for delivery on Menulog.

Earlier this week on July 14, it was National Mac N’ Cheese Day – when restaurants and foodies celebrate the ultimate comfort food – the Hamilton chef and owner of Menulog restaurant partner Pasta Fresca revealed the three ‘secrets’ to his Mac N’ Cheese which he believes makes it one of the best in the country!

Timing (and seasoning) is everything 

“Because the sauce is the base of the dish, I mix the butter and flour well before adding in the cheese, which makes all the difference.”  

“I’m never afraid to use herbs and spices in my cheese sauce, and the key to a great Mac N’ Cheese is for it to be well-seasoned to ensure it is full of flavour.”

Keeping it crisp is key

“Crispy bacon on top is a must when it comes to Mac N’ Cheese. There are other vegetarian options I use too, but I always make sure whatever topping I choose, I use lots of it. The more the better.”  

Chef Chris Taylor.

Get creative

“Because Mac N’ Cheese is reasonably basic, I like to get creative with my flavour combinations.”

“While the pineapple on pizza debate is a common and divisive one, I have no worries about adding pineapple to my Mac N’ Cheese. It sounds random, but it is delicious, trust me.”

“To get extra crunch, I sometimes bake my Mac N’ Cheese in the oven and add crushed up corn chips on top – that’s another unique but tasty combo.”

To celebrate arguably one of the most anticipated days of the year, why not treat yourself to an expertly crafted dish of cheesy pasta heaven from one of the five best Mac N’ Cheese dishes on the Menulog platform:

Pasta Fresca

Owner Chris Taylor’s family recipe is sure to have you going back for seconds – you won’t be able to get enough of his cheesy, bacon filled goodness.


These delicious, crumbed triple cheese morsels are a side dish, so you might want to order two or three.  

Mac N’ Cheese Box

The ultimate Mac N’ Cheese loaded fries will send your taste buds into a cheese induced delirium – and if you want an extra kick, go for the spicy version.  

Lord of the Fries
Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington

Mac N’ Cheese balls are a crowd favourite, but if you can’t quite decide what you feel like, why not order the sampler munch box and try a bit of everything.

Flame Grill Burger

A traditional Mac N’ Cheese cooked in a creamy sauce and topped with bacon – the perfect winter warmer.

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