With International Burrito Day being celebrated on April 7, new data spills the beans on Kiwi’s love for the iconic Mexican dish. Just don’t make the delicious bundles of joy too spicy!

Data from online food delivery platform Menulog has revealed only 14% of burrito orders in New Zealand in the last year had a spicy sauce base. That’s a whopping 86% of Kiwis who preferred their burrito mild.

This is in stark contrast to our mates across the ditch with 35% of Australians enjoying a hot and spicy sauce on their burritos. 

The data also highlighted the ongoing popularity of Mexican cuisine with a 285% increase in Mexican restaurants on the Menulog platform since March last year.  

Kamal Chadhu, owner of Menulog restaurant partner Mex It Up.

Kamal Chadhu, owner of Menulog restaurant partner Mex It Up in Hamilton, says Kiwis love burritos, one of the restaurant’s best-selling dishes, but most customers choose the mild option. 

“We offer the choice to spice up our food, but usually a customer will try a burrito with a bit more heat and next time I see them, it’s back to mild. Although, we do have a few adventurous souls who travel from as far as Huntly for a spicy burrito.”

While most Kiwis opt for mild sauce, they are not opposed to the heat and crunch of jalapenos to liven up their burrito. Eighteen percent of Kiwis chose the jalapeno as their favourite complement to their burrito, making it the most popular add-on ahead of guacamole and double cheese.

And when it comes to protein, chicken is the clear winner!

The data highlighted chicken as the most popular burrito filling (52%) followed by beef (30%). 

Chadhu says Mex It Up’s signature burrito is the decadent and delicious Ultimate California Burrito.

“It is filled with fries, juicy chicken and slow cooked beef along with a choice of fillings and topped with salsa and sour cream – it is absolutely mouth-watering.”

Manager of Rotorua’s El Mexicano Zapata Cantina, Chrrs Malunis, says chicken wins for his customers as well.

“We also get a lot of customers wanting pork or beef burritos but our chicken burrito is by far the favourite.” 

“Kiwis are increasingly turning to healthier food options so a lot of people also like to add beans to their burrito. They also go for a burrito because while they may look small, they are very filling and packed with tastiness.” 

Menulog Commercial Director ANZ, Rory Murphy, says the popularity of Mexican cuisine has grown dramatically in the last few years.

“The burrito has found its place as a go-to for Kiwis as demand for Mexican cuisine continues to rise. We have over 70 cuisines on Menulog and it’s great to see Mexican moving up the ranks next to other top favourites like curry and pizza.”

“A 285% increase in Mexican restaurants on our platform in the last year is significant as we continue to focus on providing customers with a wide range of cuisine and delivery options across the country.”  

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