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Lewisham Awards set to unmask Auckland’s 2024 winners

A masquerade party at the Viaduct Events Centre will unmask the winners of the 2024 Lewisham Awards on Sunday June 2.

Named after Richard Lewisham who was a pioneer of the Auckland hospitality scene, The Lewisham Awards were established in 2002 with the key objective of encouraging excellence in the city’s hospitality community. With this in mind, the best in the business are nominated and celebrated by their peers once a year.

The awards are named in honour of the late, colourful hospitality entrepreneur, Richard Lewisham, who helped to establish the modern-day eating and drinking scene in Auckland. This year a life-time service award is also expected to be presented.

The 2024 Lewisham Award finalists include:

Insurance Advisernet Outstanding Front of House

  • Simon Benoit, Cazador
  • Sophie Egan, Gilt Brasserie
  • Ben Carmine
  • Theo Tjandra, Panacea

Clyth MacLeod Outstanding Producer

  • Heirloomacy
  • Morningcider
  • Clevedon Buffalo
  • Black Sands
  • Clevedon Strawberries

OneMusic Outstanding Local Establishment – Central

  • Alma
  • Apero
  • Cafe 39
  • Northern Line Bar & Social

Antipodes Outstanding Sustainability

  • Kind Cafe
  • Cazador
  • Kingi
  • Forest

Restaurant Association Hospitality Hero

  • Angie Atkinson, Blanc
  • Jason Clark, Drinks Geek
  • Peter Gordon, Homeland
  • Theo Tjandra, Panacea

Campari Outstanding Emerging Hospitality Talent

  • Sahil Patel, Bucks Bistro
  • Dylan Robinson, Onslow
  • Jasper Cameron, Caretaker
  • Salvador Fuemana, Botswana Butchery

Mediaworks Outstanding Sales Experience

  • Gina Nicholls, Tickety Boo
  • Craig Mackenzie, Coca-cola Europacific Partners
  • Craig Hebblethwaite, Black Sands
  • Angie Atkinson, Blanc

Bidfood Outstanding Cafe

  • Williams Eatery
  • Ozone
  • Crave Cafe
  • Odettes

Bepoz Outstanding Innovation

  • Kingi
  • Tala
  • Forest
  • Panacea

Blanc Outstanding New Establishment

  • Gilt Brasserie
  • Darling on Drake
  • Rocketman
  • Tobi

Outstanding Local Establishment – South

  • Bramble
  • Vin Alto
  • Beer Spot
  • Woodside

Red + White Cellar Outstanding Local Establishment – East & Waiheke

  • Ampersand
  • Bucks Bistro
  • The Heke
  • Man O War

Lewisham Foundation Outstanding Local Establishment – West

  • Fabric
  • Mr Illingsworth
  • Burnt Butter
  • Iti

Anchor Food Professionals Outstanding Chef

  • Leslie Hottiaux, Apero
  • Jason Kim, Tokki
  • Kia Kanuta, Ada
  • Mike Shatura, Ahi