Lia – international robot with Northcote connection

11 March, 2019 by
Hospitality Business

Please meet a very real and emotionally intelligent hologram concierge.  Attractive and emotive and very real, Lia is an emotionally intelligent ‘artificial human’ able to respond to people in real time, with expressions and slight skin imperfections that make it difficult to tell that Lia is in fact, a hologram and 100% code.

Lia was developed on an embodied cognition platform for Artificial Intelligence. Lia has a virtual brain, a virtual nervous system and digital versions of dopamine and oxytocin that affect her neurons and autonomously trigger facial muscles. She can make eye contact with you and read your face, detecting your emotional state and respond accordingly. So, If you smile at Lia she will smile straight back at you.

The idea is that you will engage with Lia, or a digital person like her, to check in at a hotel and interact with her just as you would with a human. This is not fiction it is an ongoing project at New Zealand start up, Northcote, Auckland based, Soul Machines, and big businesses are sitting up and taking notice.

The rollout of 5G wireless networks will accelerate adoption of artificial humans as consumers are able to process data faster.  So, how long before we are checking in at a hotel with Lia or one of her friends?  Not too long at all we would guess.