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Subway Restaurants (SUBWAY) has launched an online ‘sub builder’, set to give Kiwis greater choice based on nutritional values and increased transparency around meal choices.

Sub builder has launched in conjunction with the new SUBWAY mantra, EAT well GO, continuing SUBWAY’s commitment to serving New Zealanders with the ‘fuel’ they need to go and do the things they love.

Since first arriving in New Zealand almost 20 years ago, SUBWAY has been at the forefront of ‘on the go’ meals, tailored to suit personal taste.  Now they’ve gone one step further, making it easier than ever to choose a sub based on individual nutritional needs.

The ‘sub builder’ provides a nutritional breakdown of all ingredients an individual selects to help consumers make a better choice when eating on the go. It reveals how many grams of fat, energy, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, sodium and dietary fibre are in each sub.

SUBWAY is one of the first Quick Service Restaurants in New Zealand to unveil this offering.

Dietician, Sarah Hanrahan, of the NZ Nutrition Foundation, says the ‘sub builder’ gives consumers what they have been calling for – greater transparency around what they are eating.

“Choosing what’s right for you and knowing what’s in your food is important to eating healthy. By presenting kids and adults with a healthier fast food choice, along with detailed nutritional values, they’re helping fight the battle against obesity,” she says.

SUBWAY Regional Director Brian Tap says EAT well GO extends beyond the variety of freshly baked bread and vegetables, many of which are chopped fresh in the 275 stores around the country each day.

“The ‘sub builder’ adds additional scope for New Zealanders to select what’s right for their lifestyle. It helps people get a complete nutritional profile of their meal and means they really can EAT well GO! Our new brand direction is our way of encouraging Kiwis to get out there and enjoy life,” he says.

SUBWAY is celebrating 20 years in New Zealand this December and there are several other nutritional developments planned for the near future. “This is the start of a journey for SUBWAY in New Zealand, there will be more exciting news and announcements to come,” adds Tap.


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