This month Hospitality Business brings inspirational stories about people who have felt the pain of COVID-19 financially and yet miraculously are still standing. Opening a new venture in these times is not for the faint hearted and they deserve our support!

We look at the importance of retaining and retraining staff; coffee predictions to 2025, and Julie White CEO of the Hospitality Association of New Zealand presents ideas for the next Government to consider when October 17 settles the General Election road show.

Our exciting Chef of the Month is Logan Coath who leads one of the latest great additions to the Auckland dining scene, Saxon & Parole at Commercial Bay. It might also be a good time to look at your wine cellar. Could you benefit from liquidating your liquid assets? Turn to page 20 to see how this trend has taken off overseas.

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Kiwi Mushrooms Go Global
New Zealand’s top foodies are finding innovative ways to showcase Kiwi produce – in particular the humble mushroom finds itself participating in an important international Congress to be held in Spain.
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AUT Honours Ted Bryant QSM
Hospitality Business had the opportunity to interview the latest recipient of the AUT Honorary Reeves Fellowship Award – Ted Bryant QSM on his impact on New Zealand’s global culinary scene.
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