Entries are now open for the fourth annual Vegan Sausage Awards, which showcase excellence, great taste, a sense of fun and good old Kiwiana.

Once again New Zealand leads the way in plant-based innovations, and is believed to be the only country to have Vegan Sausage Awards. The awards will take place on June 17 at the plant-based restaurant The Butcher’s Son. Registration is open now.

Mike McRoberts is joining the judges this year, along with Augustine Kopa, renowned Pasifika Chef, President of the NZ Chef Association, Auckland, Jasbir Kaur and Food and Beverage Industry judge, Aaron Pucci.

Last year’s Supreme Winner was The Vegetarian Butcher’s Breakfast Sausage, which the judges said was “a very authentic sausage. Great texture, appearance and flavour.”

Read more about the awards and register a sausage here: https://vegansociety.org.nz/nz-vegan-sausage-awards/

Why choose vegan sausages? Claire Insley from the Vegan Society of Aoteraoa New Zealand provided the following reasons.

•        Supermarkets are reporting a massive thirty-six percent growth in the plant based sector.

•        Thirty-one percent of Kiwis eat sausages at least once a week

•        Vegan sausages have no cholesterol and contain no nitrates

•        The Oxford study showed that by adopting a vegan diet you could reduce your carbon footprint by up to seventy-three percent.

•        The simplest most effective way an individual can mitigate climate change is through diet change.

According to the 2019 Colmar Brunton poll, one third of New Zealanders are reducing or cutting out meat from their diets and products like veggie sausages are jumping in to take their place.

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