The Best Chef has announced the Top 100 new candidates for the 2020 Awards as well as their plans for this year’s event which takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The event, will take place on 21-23 September and the culinary platform will also host the Food Meets Science conference, the Area Talks live debate and the Award Gala in Rotterdam.

Cristian Gadau, Creative Director and Founder of The Best Chef said “We are delighted to organise a prestigious event like The Best Chef Awards in Rotterdam, as the Netherlands play an important role in contemporary gastronomy. The event is a gathering of top chefs from all over the world so it’s the perfect opportunity for the community, international visitors and industry professionals to stay up-to-date with what’s hot and happening in the global world of haute cuisine, as well as to connect them with their peers.”

The Top 100 new candidates and voting process

Each year, 100 new chefs are selected by The Best Chef’s independent partners. France, Spain, USA, Brazil, the Netherlands and the UK represent the most new candidates for the 2020 list. All new entries are published on the website of The Best Chef Awards:

Among the new chefs are Gaggan Anand, Dan Barber, Ricardo Chaneton, Vicky Cheng, Luca Fantin and Jordan Khan. There are many new female candidates including Manu Buffara, Leo Espinosa, May Chow, Monica Galetti, Margarita Fores, Antonia Klugmann, Vicky Lau, Angela Hartnett and Helene Darozze.

This year, the voting will start on 1 April. All chefs included in the 2019 list, plus the new candidates for 2020, will be invited to vote for their peers. Additionally, a selection of culinary professionals, photographers and foodies is asked to vote for their favourite chefs. The panel scores 10 chefs, awarding them between 100 and 1000 points. They vote for the chef as a person, recognising the chef’s talent, experience and personality.

The 100 best-performing chefs make up The Best Chef Awards 2020 Top 100. This year, a new awards category will be launched – The ‘Science’ Award is a distinction for the chef who is outstanding in relation to research, experimental techniques and transformation.

A three-day culinary event in Rotterdam

Following on from Warsaw in 2017, Milan in 2018 and Barcelona in 2019, Rotterdam has been selected as the host city for The Best Chef Awards 2020. This year, the platform provides an enhanced three-day event programme. The Food Meets Science conference creates a dialogue between top-notch speakers from the world of science and gastronomy. The Area Talks live debate engages top chefs, foodies and experts in discussions on traditions, the roots of different cuisines and other contemporary topics in gastronomy. The highlight of the three-day event will be the awards gala, where the winners of The Best Chef Awards 2020 will be announced.

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