With no and low alcoholic drinks gaining in popularity right around the world, Seedlip (the world’s first distilled non alcoholic spirit brand) and Ponsonby aviation-themed bar Clipper are kickstarting summer with their own very special ‘N o l o’ event.

For one afternoon only on Saturday, November 23 from 3-6pm, Clipper’s standard cocktail and drinks menu will sit alongside a unique no and low alcoholic cocktail list curated by the team from Seedlip.

Promising to have a little something for everyone, the Seedlip list will showcase six delectable cocktails; three no and three low alcohol options.

On the “no” menu, MartiNO and NOgroni are renditions of the classic and timless Negroni and Martini cocktails. Rounding out the ‘no” menu is the ORO, (translated to Gold in Spanish), with unique flavours of lemon balm & kaffir lime, ORO is delicate & refreshing – with honey suckle sweetness.

The Low ABV cocktails include the Genie, this cocktail packs a burst of flavour like any classic; zesty and fresh with subtle mint and lingering spice flavours. Meanwhile the Twin Otter, paying homage to the aviation background of Clipper, is a unique cocktail, low in ABV, with herbal elements, as well as elderflower liquer to add floral sweetness.

The final cocktail Les Pays Tropicaux (The Tropical World) is a Tiki / Hawaiian style cocktail with tropical flavours, perfect for a summer evening.

Clipper co-owner Barney Toy, who recently took second place at the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition, says he’s noticed a definite shift in demand for non-alcoholic concoctions.

“I’m always interested in global trends and this year in particular we’ve seen a noticeable rise in the number of non or moderate drinkers, as well as an increased interest in the no and low alcohol space,” he says.

“Because we have such a focus on aperitif-style drinks at Clipper, we decided to hold this one-off event to show off some unique Seedlip cocktail options alongside our usual drinks list.

“There really will be something for everyone to enjoy, whether they regularly abstain from alcohol or are just curious about what ‘n o l o’ is all about.”

Jaz Rutter, Seedlip Country Manager says It is exciting working in the space of No & Low ABV cocktails and seeing it become a global trend on the menus of the world’s best bars shows the increase in moderation drinking.

“Until recently, as a bar tender there have been no products pushing the creative boundaries of this category. Being able to create a menu of No & Low drinks that sit harmoniously together, and providing guests with a feeling of inclusion whether they are drinking alcohol or not is a great feeling.

“With the rise of the younger generation drinking less, it is lovely to be putting time into the N o l o events where moderation is key”.

Clipper’s N o l o event will take place at their Ponsonby Road location on Saturday, November 23 from 3-6pm. Guests will also have an opportunity to enjoy the moreish small plate options Clipper serves to complement their drinks menu.

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