My Food Bag Co-Founder and dietitian Nadia Lim.

Since My Food Bag launched the Fresh Start with Nadia food bag range in April this year, thousands of Kiwi’s have successfully improved their health or lost weight thanks to the product.               

Cecilia Robinson, My Food Bag founder and co-CEO, says they have been overwhelmed by the popularity of Fresh Start. “Since launch, we have sold more than 700,000 Fresh Start meals, and have been inundated with positive success stories from customers who have successfully achieved their weight loss goals thanks to Fresh Start.”

My Food Bag Co-Founder and dietitian Nadia Lim puts the success down to the fact that Fresh Start makes it easy to improve eating habits and consistently stick to them. “We’ve taken the guesswork out of ingredient shopping, meal preparation and calorie-counting. In fact, many of our current customers feel as if they are losing weight on this product without even trying. It’s all about losing weight, not flavour” says Lim.

With more than one in five  New Zealand households containing just one person, a logical next step for the brand is developing an offer for single person households. Like the rest of Fresh Start range, the new product – Lite 5 – is full of lean meats, a huge variety of fresh vegetables and is completely refined sugar free, and provides 5 low calorie controlled meals per week.

According to Lim, cooking for one can be expensive and time consuming, meaning many singles resort to less healthy options like takeaways. “Fresh Start Lite 5 is perfectly portioned for one. Lite 5 contains the same recipes as the rest of the range, but we’ve taken the extra step of thinking carefully of how we can make them quick and practical for one person by streamlining the recipes, using refined sugar free pre-made sauces and dressings wherever possible and each week one recipe serves 2, so you can have a night off cooking or leftovers for lunch.”

Fresh Start now offers three product options – Lite 20 (5 recipes per week each providing 4 portions), Lite 10 (5 recipes per week each providing 2 portions) and the all NEW Lite 5 (4 recipes per week – with 3 recipes providing 1 portion and the 4th recipe providing 2 portions). All three products provide portion control, healthy cooking techniques and nutritionally-balanced meals that are 450 calories or less.

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