QT Museum Wellington’s signature restaurant offering Hippopotamus celebrates a significant relationship this October with much-loved Wellington chef Laurent Loudeac celebrating his tenth year as Executive Chef.

The last decade has seen Loudeac make a major contribution to Wellington’s culinary landscape, his classic training, and a willingness to explore and embrace local ingredients have given rise to dining at Hippopotamus. The French institution’s broad menu has always been peppered with a delicious mix of comfort food and fine-dining dishes, and under the direction of Loudeac has kept Hippopotamus at the top of the capital’s culinary scene.

On Friday October 20, Laurent and Hippopotamus  hosted a sensory experience and revisited Laurent’s last decade in the Hippopotamus kitchen. Laurent hosted a 10-course degustation with wine match, each course representing a dish from each year of his time at Hippopotamus.

The evolutionary menu, which included; 2010’s Kikorangi Tortellini with Creamed Leek & Walnut Sauce and from later down the track, the delectable Stilton Cheese Soufflé, which featured on the menu on 2016. Loudeac presented each course together with the story and significance behind the dish in his career.

His signature dish and available on the menu to this day, ‘Salmon Sashimi, My Way’ is a “must-have” for diners and was showcased on the world stage at the 2015 Dilmah Global High Tea Challenge. Representing Hippopotamus, Loudeac won the Dilmah Global High Tea Challenge in Sri Lanka, ranking first out of 22 teams from 14 countries. The resulting title of Dilmah Ambassador ensues Hippopotamus is often the first in the country to receive new Dilmah products – a boon for their ever-popular high tea service.

From foodies looking for the next-best-thing, to the creative consumer always looking for more, this event catered for those looking further than a luxurious French dining experience. In addition to Hippopotamus’ quality, service and rivalled harbour views, Ten Years with Laurent  ended with the unveiling of a dish created for this hallmark year – Crème Brulee Laurent style!

Loudeac’s maintained the same culinary philosophy throughout the years, putting focus on “fresh, balanced, simplistic and good combinations of flavours” and continually takes greatest inspiration from the ingredients he uses.

The evolution of the Museum Art Hotel into QT Museum Wellington in January this year saw a refresh of the restaurant’s identity by famed Melbourne design studio Fabio Ongrato Design, the contemporary design aesthetic rejuvenated the brand. Together with the constant delivery of inventive, dishes high quality service and extensive wine list, Hippopotamus with Loudeac continues to elevate the capital’s burgeoning reputation as a world-class culinary destination.

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