The Coffee Club has opened its doors at 34 Lake Street Cambridge with a view to keep locals and visitors alike happy, whether it’s Sunday brunch or an after-hours business event.

Owners, Satendra Dass and Padma Wati – say they are excited to open and plan to offer something for everyone in the area. “It is something different for Cambridge. Good food and excellent coffee in a modern location where we can cater for weekend tourists, local events and businesses.”

The café offers a separate meeting room for local businesses that need space and fresh coffee. “It’s free to use and can host 12 people,” adds Satendra. “We want to be a hub for locals to do business, it is always nicer to meet over coffee. We are also licensed and the whole venue is available for evening functions.”   Satendra says the store opening will benefit the local community. “We are looking to fill 12 to 15 positions – including part-timers. Our staff will bring that wonderful sense of community that is in the area to our café.”

Director of The Coffee Club, Andy Lucas believes the newly opened café  will prove a hit for anyone in the Cambridge area.

“There are a lot of events and reasons to visit Cambridge,” says Andy. “You have cycling, rowing, equestrian… plus it is just a nice place to stop if you are travelling on your way to somewhere further afield.”

“We think The Coffee Club Cambridge is going to be a hit,” he adds. “It is in a popular location, in a lovely setting next to the lake, and it is easy to reach if you are travelling in and around Cambridge.”

The Coffee Club Cambridge has a breakfast, brunch and lunch menu that can be ordered from at any time of the day.

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