International Culinary Studio has kicked off a nationwide search for New Zealand’s most influential chef.

The launch tied in with International Chefs Day on October 20. This is a global celebration of the profession, which takes place on the same day every year. It is also used as an opportunity to raise awareness of becoming a chef as a career option, and a reminder to pass on knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of chefs with a sense of pride and commitment to the future.

The name of New Zealand’s most influential chef will be revealed in January 2020. The individual will be presented with a commemorative plaque and cash to donate to a charity of their choice. There are no rules or guidelines, other than that they must work or have worked as a chef. The individual can be from the past or present (the plaque and donation will be provided to their family if it is the latter).

“New Zealand has an incredibly strong heritage of cuisine with so many talented, innovative Kiwi chefs making a name for themselves both here and overseas. With International Chefs Day  this month, we thought it would be the perfect time to shine a light on some of those individuals,” explains Cheryl Nesbitt, founder of International Culinary Studio.

“It’ll be really interesting to see who people think has been the most influential chef of all time. They could be head chef at a fine dining restaurant or perhaps they are out there cooking the best street food you’ve ever tasted. We just want to know who has made the most important impact, in the opinion of New Zealanders. Hopefully, we’ll be able to run this search every year as the results are sure to shift a bit – as new chefs come up through the ranks and make their own mark on the culinary landscape, for example.”

Kiwis can nominate the person they think should be named New Zealand’s most influential chef of all time at Every participant will be given the chance to win $250 in restaurant vouchers. A winner will be drawn from those that have left their contact details at the end of January.

A proudly New Zealand based culinary school, International Culinary Studio was the first blended learning culinary school in the world to offer professional qualifications online to students anywhere in the world. From their kitchens at home, school or at work.

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