6 top survival tips hospo

Navigating the business of hospitality in 2020 and 2021 led to innovative and creative new business practices as the industry swung into COVID-19 survival mode. Embracing new technology and actions plans will have your business ready as we kick off a brand new year. Here are 6 top hospitality survival tips for 2022.

8 Ways to stay resilient
The food and beverage industry has experienced unprecedented disruption and change in the past few years. Here are eight areas that will be the basis for long-term resilience.
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Keep kitchen prep costs low
To stay in the black, restaurants need to find a balance between prep time and labour costs and that will still produce a good food cost. One way to keep labour costs (and your payroll) down is to buy food that requires less kitchen prep time.
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Modern skills for smart operators
Upgrading your skillset is essential in today’s COVID-19 environment. Here’s how you can sharpen your digital and food safety skills.
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Six Essential Tips for Restaurant Takeaways
The word ‘pivot’ took on new meaning for hospitality businesses as restaurateurs switched from dining destinations, to delivery providers of great food to locked down and cautious customers. Smooth delivery service is essential to ongoing success and customer retention.

Lease is More
Commercial leasing became a hot topic in 2020 and 2021 as proprietors exercised a wide range of responses to their tenants’ varied predicaments when it came to managing the problem of vastly reduced incomes and rent relief. Commercial solicitor Claire Vordermann provided a practical approach to renegotiating your commercial lease which is just as relevant, if not more so now as we enter 2022.

Adapting to Online Technology
Leading entrepreneurs from Upstock launched an app to reduce ordering errors, minimise waste and streamline business procedures. RIP Global introduced contactless receipts at a time where contactless payments are at an all time high and health and safety is paramount. Both are new concepts that have helped hospitality businesses embrace new technology and evolve.

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