Wu Fang Zhai features as a new way of approaching restaurant service via Alibaba’s ‘New Retail’ strategy of integrating the online and offline experience.

In a trade exclusive, Hospitality Business visited China recently and explored the opportunities for New Zealand business through the country’s largest and one of the world’s most innovative businesses -Alibaba.

For the tech-savvy Chinese consumer, Wu Fang Zhai offers a 24/7 system of pre-ordering and pre-paying meals with Alipay by app.  Time specific orders are produced and customers then use their smartphone to open the allocated locker containing their food.  This can then be eaten instore or takeaway.

Tied into the payment and ordering technology are a number of loyalty programmes where QR codes can be scanned instore with augmented reality games offering prizes or discounts.

Feedback from customers is positive with the outlet showing a 40% increase in sales after bringing in the new technology, staff requirements have dropped by half and importantly, dwell time in the restaurant has dropped from 25 minutes to 18 minutes meaning higher efficiency overall.

If you would like more information on how Alibaba Group can open the doors to China for your business, please contact NZ Country Manager, Pier Smulders: [email protected]

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