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Auckland Transport U-turn on night parking charges

Auckland Transport has confirmed it will delay changes to overnight on-street parking charges in the city centre to 1 October.  

Wynyard Quarter is exempt from any changes until the Wynyard Crossing pedestrian bridge resumes operating.

Announcing the decision, Auckland Transport Chief Executive, Dean Kimpton said: “The proposal to delay overnight charges to 1 October allows for keeping the Mayor Wayne Brown and councillors sufficiently informed, and further discussion with key stakeholders and those most affected. It also enables us to consider mitigations for those impacted by the changes.

“I have also told the Mayor we are sorry and could have done better at keeping him and other important stakeholders sufficiently informed.

“We acknowledge the pressure on residents and business, whilst balancing the need to make city centre parking available and in a way that is consistent with the ‘Room to Move’ parking strategy adopted by Auckland Transport in May 2023. 

“We are going to consider possible mitigations for overnight parking changes,” he said.

Charges for Sundays and public holidays will begin as planned from 1 July.