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A chip off the old block

rsz_chip_off_the_old_blockThe Balle family has been growing potatoes in and around Pukekohe and the Waikato for more than three generations. Now they’ve teamed up with chipmakers to inspire a new brand ‘Chip Off the Old Block, a range of high quality, natural potato chips made using only their potatoes.

You’ll find what variety of potato was used and where they were sourced from on every packet. “We take our potatoes pretty seriously and surely, great chips need to start with great potatoes.” Dacey Balle says.

“The ‘Chip Off the Old Block’ recipe is based on a few quality ingredients, just as you might find them in your own pantry – great potatoes, sunflower oil and natural seasonings. And, as little as possible is done to them through the manufacturing process; for the flat cuts the skins are left on and potatoes are sliced nice and thick,” he adds. “The name – ‘Chip Off the Old Block’ – is a nod to our family and values, as well as the obvious reference to the product.”