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Coffee guru classes

coffee classes espressosScott Rao started out by reading every book he could find about the coffee business back in 1992. Now he has more than 20 years’ experience as a barista, coffee roaster and consultant having roasted and sampled more than 20,000 batches of coffee and made around 700,000 coffee beverages.

Scott’s consulting services include comprehensive cafe startup planning, barista training, and training in both manual roasting and automated profile roasting and this December 6 and 7 he is holding some coffee classes at La Marzocco NZ HQ in Parnell, Auckland.

Scott Rao Espresso Class 1

Scott Rao will share his ideas on Espresso Coffee to NZ Baristas including:

– Water Quality

– Pump Pressure and Pressure Profiling

– Grind Quality and Extraction Level

– Extraction Measurement and Flavor

– Espresso Preparation Method (dosage, movements, time, ratios)

This presentation is a discussion class aimed at practising baristas of any level of experience which will run for two hours including time for Q & A.

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Scott will also be running masterclasses on manual brewing and master roasting while in Auckland.

Manual Brew Master Class

Here Scott Rao will share his ideas on Manual Brewing Techniques.

This masterclass will allow Scott to demonstrate some of the principles touched on in his well-regarded book “Everything but Espresso” as well as his latest ideas on maximising both extraction and importantly, flavour. The session will cover some of the following areas:

– Brew ratios

– Extraction levels, TDS

– Grind quality (particle size distribution)

– Agitation and brewing methodology

– Filtering, flavor clarity vs. body

This masterclass has limited participants to allow for tasting and a more interactive learning experience and will be aimed at people familiar with the basics of manual brewing who wish to deepen their understanding and improve techniques.  The class will run for 2 hours including time for Q & A.

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