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Crispy, delicious delivery fries

It’s time for crispy, delicious delivery fries.

New Crispy on Delivery from Lamb Weston is a transformative fry delivery solution. The fries stay crispy up to 30 minutes after coming out of the fryer when using the innovative fry cup. Compare that to the 5-7 minute window for regular fries, and it’s clear these fries can go the extra mile. The secret? A revolutionary coating and specially designed cup that work together to keep fries crispy, plus store-to-door support for kitchens and delivery drivers.

The fry: 
Crispy on Delivery fries are delicious, whether guests enjoy them at your place or theirs. With our revolutionary batter coating and a hearty 9mm cut size, they stand up to the challenges of delivery without sacrificing taste or texture. On their own, they’ll stay crispy up to 20 minutes post-fry. With our packaging, that goes up to 30 minutes.

The cup:
Too often, fries are delivered in foam clamshells, covered in cling wrap, or tied up in a plastic bag. This traps in all the moisture, resulting in sad, soggy fries. Our innovative fry cup is a unique packaging solution. The patents-pending, stylish design allows moisture to escape while keeping fries warm, and also helps prevent all those delicious fries from getting crushed in transit.

The support:
We’ve got expert advice for back-of-house staff and delivery personnel, from preparation and packing to delivery strategies. These tips help make sure everyone knows the best way to get fries from store to door. It’s all part of our commitment to making sure everyone can enjoy fries the way fries are supposed to be: crispy and delicious!

Crispy on Delivery Fries from Lamb Weston help you deliver what your customers want on a timeline that works for you. Contact your Lamb Weston sales representative, or visit to learn more.

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