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East Imperial adds a new tonic to the mix

rsz_burma-tonicPremium beverage maker East Imperial now has a tonic to suit all palates with the addition of new Burma Tonic to its growing collection of traditional mixers.

By blending higher East Indies Javanese quinine content with a variety of botanicals using a century-old family recipe, East Imperial has created Burma Tonic – bold, assertive and slightly sweeter than the brand’s original tonic water.

Burma Tonic was crafted to appeal to those with a penchant for a gin & tonic less bitter or for those making the transition from mass-produced to a traditional style of mixer.

The sweeter flavours of Burma Tonic make it best paired with a London Dry style gin such as Bombay Sapphire, while East Imperial’s Original Tonic is designed to showcase the undertones and botanicals of savoury style gin such as Hendricks.

Mixed with bitters and quality London Dry style gin, it results in a delightfully hued Long Pink Gin – once the drink of choice for British Royal Navy sailors, and a long lost cocktail tradition that East Imperial has set out to revive with the creation of Burma Tonic.

Originally born through the travels of the British Royal Navy and referenced across writings about the Burma Pegu Club, Long Pink Gins, or the common name across the territories Gin Pahit (Bitter Gins), travelled from Burma up to India and down to Singapore, and were a stalwart at the Raffles Long Bar up until 1983.

As a result, the brand-new tonic is both a testament to changing consumer palates and a nod to yesteryear with its use of all natural and ethically sourced ingredients and inspiration from long lost traditions.

Burma Tonic joins the existing East Imperial portfolio of Original Tonic, Soda Water and Ginger Beer, available from Farro Fresh, Nosh Food Markets nationwide, select liquor outlets and leading New Zealand bars and restaurants.