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Years ago, epidemics like SARS, MERS or Swine flu created a demand for infrared cameras that were able to screen for a fever condition in humans, and the new Coronavirus pandemic has created a worldwide demand for fever screening systems. The basis for the effectiveness of thermal cameras as a screening tool, lies in the correlation of outside skin surface temperature with internal or core body temperature. 

With international travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, the emphasis of fever screening has moved from airports to the returning workforce and public spaces.  It is critical for businesses to ensure the health of returning staff is not compromised by employees who may contract the virus outside the workplace. This is especially important in businesses such as hotels, restaurants and bars where staff are customer facing.  
Eurotec have several fever screening solutions available from our infrared specialists Optris and Testo that allow fast, non-contact temperature measurement. Both offer screening solutions for individuals and crowds, allowing those with increased body temperature to be identified quickly and reliably so they can be isolated for further testing. 

Optris Fever Detection Solutions 
Crowd Based Screening using the Optris Xi 400. The Xi 400 IR camera can monitor a crowd of people at once or sequentially. Assuming that most of the measured maximum head temperature values are coming from healthy individuals, those with an elevated body temperature can be easily detected. This solution includes the Optris Xi 400, a pre-configured Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet, USB cable, software package Optris PIX Connect. 
Individual Screening using the Optris PI 450i IR camera. This method is mainly used at control gates or where crowd screening is not possible. From a closer distance you can measure exactly the temperature of the tear duct which provides the strongest correlation between outside skin temperature and core body temperature. This method can also detect lower fever grades.  

Both solutions offer easy installation and operation of the inspection system and include an alarm signal when skin temperatures reach a predefined alarm value. 

Fever measurement with the Testo 885 and Testo 890 thermal imagers 

With the Testo Fever Detection assistant, the Testo 890 and 885 thermal imagers are perfect for identifying potentially ill persons. The Testo 885 and 890 offer. 

  • Reliabilityup to 1280 x 960 pixels resolution (with Testo SuperResolution) and good thermal sensitivity. 
  • Ease of usecan be used by the most diverse staff thanks to high level of user convenience. An alarm is triggered if a temperature deviates from the predefined value to easily identify those with a fever. 
  • Flexibility: HDMI interface allows for data transfer to an external screen, they can also be used in semi-stationary applications, such as security checkpoints. 

Testo handheld infrared thermometers for Fever Detection 
The Testo handheld infrared thermometers can be pointed at a person’s forehead for non-contact temperature measurement. We offer four models of infrared thermometers for this application: 

  • Testo 831 30:1 optics, 2-point laser spot marker. 
  • Testo 830-T1 10:1 optics, 1-point laser spot marker. 
  • Testo 830-T2 12:1 optics, 2-point laser spot marker.  
  • Testo 830-T4 30:1 optics, 2-point laser spot marker.  

Please contact Eurotec Ltd to discuss the best fever screening solution to suit your application via phone 09 579 1990 or email