A new book by Lesley Christensen-Yule

‘It was a dark and stormy night….’ is a go-to clichéd start for any melodramatic story. But it certainly isn’t the start you’d expect for a book on food safety.

It is however, just the sort of innovative approach that’s needed for a subject that despite being necessary, is often considered boring.

Launched last Thursday at AUT, those attending from both education and industry sectors were entertained by readings from the text.  With many real-life New Zealand stories, it is easy to see how the book will have broad appeal across many areas of hospitality. It may even save lives.

At the launch, Lesley questioned our practice of food safety, pointing out that,

” As a country, we don’t measure up terribly well on the food safety rankings. Is it perhaps a little too much of the “she’ll be right’ attitude?”

Every day on average, 500 New Zealanders are struck down with food poisoning as a result of poor food handling.”

Author of the highly successful The New Zealand Chef (Edify) with Dr. Lindsay Neill, Christensen-Yule covers all the requirements for NZQA Unit Standards or equivalent food safety qualifications, providing links to quizzes and worksheets too. Food Safety- Whakamaru Kai, A guide for New Zealand food handlers. Available from Edify Ltd.RRP $24.99

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