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Freshening up customer experience at Mexicali Fresh

rsz_mexicaliMexicali Fresh recognise that great customer experiences are the driving force behind loyalty and consistent business growth – and now they’re bringing on Customer Radar to ensure customers’ experiences are second to none.

The brand has come a long way since hitting Kiwi shores in 2005, having now grown into a national brand providing quality Fast Casual California Style Mexican food across the country; but they didn’t get there on taste alone. They’ve found the best way to continue growing as a company is by being customer centric and giving the people a voice – that includes both the people who like the company, and those who don’t

In order to gather and analyse feedback from customers, Mariposa Restaurant Holdings (MRH – Mexicali Fresh’s parent company) first trialled Customer Radar in 2014. Having received encouraging results, they are now using Customer Radar’s customer feedback technology in all their Mexicali Fresh stores nationwide, and are implementing the same across their chain of Burger Wisconsin stores as well.

Customer Radar enables them to get information by integrating their live customer feedback technology with Mexicali Fresh’s receipts as well as their website, app, newsletters and digital screens on store. The two companies are now working together on ways of making it even easier for customers to have their say.

“What smart (or unfortunate) businesses are quickly learning is that a great idea, product or service is no longer enough,” says Mat Wylie, Founder & CEO of Customer Radar. “You need to be consistently finding out what customers want and giving it to them – having a customer-centric business is vital to surviving in today’s business world.”

Since franchising, MRH have increased their emphasis on customer experience – what came naturally growing up in a family of restaurateurs became more difficult to translate effectively to each and every team member in a nationwide franchise.

“Traditionally the bigger your business gets, the further away you, as owners, get from the customer and what they really want,” shares Conor Kerlin, Co Founder and “Brand Dude” of Mexicali Fresh. “So the more you engage with every customer and team member, the more information you can get, and that drives your business to evolve and succeed.”

One thing that Kerlin and the rest of the team love is that, unlike with feedback on social media where people generally only vent their frustrations, the insights provided by Customer Radar are an encouraging blend of genuine constructive feedback and positive responses from loyal customers.

“As a business owner you work tirelessly to put your blood, sweat and tears in each and every day to make people happy. You may serve 500 people and get one bad complaint but every bit of criticism really hurts. As a general rule, customers really only speak up when they have a bad experience or were unhappy with something. What’s so awesome about Customer Radar is that that we get all of our loyal customers giving us mad love and positive feedback; it just reassures you that you are doing things right and just need to focus on some areas to improve.”

Moreover, the constructive criticism that comes through Customer Radar has proven to be valuable in terms of turning customer experience around – instead of just being rude or mean, the feedback enables the management team to get on the phone straight away and find out why that customer didn’t enjoy their experience at Mexicali Fresh. Being able to make them feel heard and address their problems creates more engaged, loyal customers who are likely to come back again – and most of all, tell all their friends.

Shares Wylie, “MRH are a really great example of a business putting their customers first – and Customer Radar is the best way of keeping them on their toes to ensure that they are consistently doing just that.”