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From global espresso empire to olive groves on Waiheke

Allpress Olive Groves, on Waiheke Island, is the latest business venture from New Zealand’s iconic coffee visionary, Michael Allpress. 

Allpress Olive Groves produce world-class extra virgin olive oils from fresh, seasonal olives cultivated in their island groves.

Michael Allpress, a Waiheke Island local, is committed to investing in his home and building a successful business on the island. “Extra virgin olive oils from Waiheke are some of the best in the world. This comes back to the island’s unique terroir, diverse varietals and climate.”

The sunnier, drier microclimate on Waiheke creates ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive varieties from all over the world. Allpress Olive Groves grow Ascolano, Frantoio, Picual, Verdale, Leccino, Pendolino and more in their sustainable, chemical free groves.

A large-scale architectural renovation, starting this year, will soon be home to a brand new Allpress Bistro and an exciting private events space set to be completed late 2024.

Along with three exceptional extra virgin olive oil brands including Allpress, Rangihoua Estate and number29, the arrival of Allpress Olive Groves has expanded Waiheke’s destination and tourism repertoire beyond vineyards and beaches, and this is only set to continue. 

Allpress Olive Groves are growers, millers and craft blenders from Waiheke Island, – a unique region with its own microclimate producing world-class extra virgin olive oil. Brands include:-


With origins on restaurant tables in New Zealand for over 20 years, our lively Waiheke Island EVOO has been crafted to elevate simple, quality ingredients across a broad style of cuisines.


From the first trees planted on the island, Rangihoua Estate has consistently produced award-winning EVOO for over 27 years. Waiheke’s microclimate creates perfectly sun-ripened olives, full of vibrant flavours.

Extra virgin olive oil tastings, artisan retail experiences and mill tours offer visitors a different way to enjoy the island. A large-scale architectural renovation, starting this year, will soon be home to a brand new Allpress Bistro and an exciting private events space set to be completed late 2024, perfect for corporate away days and team building.

“At Allpress Olive Groves we’re committed to investing in the island as a world-class destination and we’re curating something special, something more than just award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A place to enjoy unique experiences including our tasting room and store, mill tours, accommodation and events in our olive groves,” says Michael Allpress, Allpress Olive Groves Founder.

Few culinary ingredients rival the taste, versatility and health benefits of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Waiheke Island is fast emerging as a world-class EVOO region, with oils that are alive with plant-based nutrients and renowned for their distinct character; herbaceous, grassy and peppery.

The island offers near perfect conditions for cultivating olives. The soil is rich in essential elements like potassium and magnesium, while Waiheke’s abundant sunshine, low rainfall and long, dry summers make an ideal climate for thriving groves. The interplay between the olive trees and native bush that surrounds many of the groves, influences the distinct character of our Waiheke EVOOs. 

The olives mature in the island’s salty sea breezes, which naturally keeps bugs and leaf moulds away, so there’s no need to use chemical sprays.

Finally, Allpress Olive Groves has a suite of beautiful, characterful homes, set in their peaceful olive groves across Waiheke’s coast and countryside. The four homes each have their own distinct character and have undergone extensive refurbishments to enable effortless outdoor living, providing an easy connection to nature. For more information go to or contact Donald Shepherd at