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Gambling compliance programme adds onsite checks

Clubs New Zealand has launched a ClubSmart Gambling Compliance Package to support members meet their gambling compliance and harm minimisation responsibilities ahead of new regulations coming into force later this year.

“The launch of the ClubSmart Gambling Compliance package is part of our commitment to ensuring that clubs can continue to provide a welcoming environment where members and guests can enjoy themselves safely,” says Chief Executive, Larry Graham.

“The new regulations bring significant changes to harm minimisation and prevention practices and this package is designed to ensure that club staff working, where class 4 gaming is offered receive problem gambling awareness training, and that clubs continue to achieve best practice expectations.

“Clubs New Zealand prides itself on its commitment to harm minimisation and prevention having delivered its harm minimisation programme since 2001, however, this new package goes a step further by introducing onsite compliance checks and reporting.

“Clubs New Zealand has worked collaboratively with legal experts and the Department of Internal Affairs to develop the package which features updated problem gambling awareness training, annual onsite compliance assessments along with a suite of resources and tools.

“We all have a role to play in preventing and minimisation harm. Making a positive contribution means being responsible hosts and this package keeps this top of mind.

“The ClubSmart Gambling Compliance Package will launch from 1 September 2023.”

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