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Get Ready for Summer with Chateau Ice Cream

Ice cream by the beach on a hot New Zealand summers day! Not many other foods bring back childhood memories of summer and spending carefree time on the beach. That great feeling when you get a globe of sweet goodness, crammed full of crunchy Hokey Pokey pieces or ripples of boysenberry.

This summer, we have developed two new and exciting flavours to add to the Chateau ice cream range:

Salted Caramel Crunch – a salted caramel ice cream packed with crunchy toffee pieces

Churro – a creamy vanilla and cinnamon ice cream swirled with chunks of churros

Chateau’s range of ice cream is regarded as the best tasting brand in the “everyday” ice cream market. Proving popular with young and old, the recipe is formulated to be tastier, creamier, smoother and easier to roll.

Ideal for the ice cream shop where a wide range of flavours and affordability are important. Available nationally from Bidfood in 5 litre and 16 litre tubs.