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AUT goes online April 28

AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism head of school, Linda O’Neill, has announced the faculty will offer online learning from April 28. 

“The opportunity to continue to study online means our students will be able to complete their studies in the year they planned to and staff are rising to the challenge in this unprecedented time.  

Currently theory-based programmes, including the Bachelor, Master’s and PhD study programmes are continuing either online or in the case of thesis and dissertations, one-on-one online and phone contact and learning support.  

“For the University’s chef students, theory learning will continue online. There are plans to integrate online culinary demonstrations from renowned chefs that students will be encouraged to watch, before engaging in discussion with staff and their fellow students. 

“It is great to see some pragmatic approaches to online learning happening in our diplomas and Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts degree. As we move back down the COVID-19 levels I hope that practical classes can recommence, subject to those levels, social distancing and PPE as needed. 

“Of course, contact tracing and hygiene concerns will cornerstone any practically-based learning environment.” 

Commenting on the new measures Professor Pare Keiha, Dean of  the faculty of Culture and Society said: “We are now set to deliver online learning using a range of technologies.   AUT is rising to the challenge with student online paper and course engagement via Zoom, Panopto and of course our Collaborate function, within our student-focused Blackboard platform.  

“I am delighted that staff within the faculty, including the School of Hospitality and Tourism, have enthusiastically looked at new ways to deliver their lectures.  

“Those initiatives include interactive PDFs, online real-time student-focused lecture sessions, short tests to check learning and ample scope for student feedback.  

“An upside to the current situation is that our teaching staff have re-thought what to do and how to do it.” 

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