COVID-19 has hit New Zealand businesses hard. With lockdowns being stricter than the majority of international counterparts, it’s no surprise that businesses are suffering – 26,774 businesses have been wiped off the NZ Companies Office Register in the last eight months.

The hospitality industry is among those suffering the most. For areas still in lockdowns, many venues have had zero revenue and still face thousands of dollars in rental bills with restaurant owners looking at mortgaging their houses in order to retain staff and cover bills.

Fresho, an online ordering and order management platform for venues and wholesale food businesses, is hosting a company-wide 21km half marathon to raise money to help the hospitality industry recover. On Friday December 10 , the global team across New Zealand, Australia, and the UK will be completing the 21km distance, all raising money for local charities supporting the hospitality industry.

Fresho has pledged to match the amount of money raised by employees to help the industry get back on its feet.  

“We work very closely with both venues and wholesale food suppliers throughout the country, and a large proportion of our employees have come from a hospitality background, so it’s absolutely heartbreaking seeing what these businesses are going through.

“When the idea for a half marathon fundraiser was pitched by an employee, the general response was ‘why haven’t we thought about this earlier?’ It was a no-brainer.” says Fresho’s NZ General Manager, Sarah Rumbold.

All the proceeds raised by the Fresho New Zealand team will be collectively donated to Help for Hospo, a charity organisation started by Blair Duncan, who is managing director of Red+White Cellar and has been working in the industry for more than 30 years. The initiative will help provide direct and additional support to hospitality workers who need immediate financial help, particularly those who are trying to support dependents.

“We see this as our turn to serve those who serve us. It’s just humans helping other humans. We hope that it helps.” says Blair Duncan.

You can show your support through this givealittle page  

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