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Ice Cream month arrives!

New Zealander’s love of frozen treats show no sign of slowing down as the country moves into national Ice Cream Month!

The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association (NZICMA), has dubbed February ‘New Zealand Ice Cream Month’ to encourage Kiwis to consciously choose locally made ice cream, gelato and sorbet.

An analysis of retail sales provides insights into two of the hottest ice cream trends – single serves and dairy-free. Sales of singles grew by +9.3%, while dairy-free products, which make up a small proportion of total sales, grew by 37.9%.

Large and boutique producers are responding to changing consumer demands. Owner of Hamilton’s Duck Island Ice Cream, Cameron Farmilo said “We’re seeing a steady increase in demand for vegan and gluten free options. We’re stoked as we think vegan and gluten free ice cream can be just as delicious as dairy based. It’s super cool people are enjoying exciting vegan options! ”

Tip Top Ice Cream Head of Marketing, Mel McKenzie confirmed the demand for single serves saying; “We’re seeing demand for on-the-go snacking formats and ice-cream sandwiches. While indulgent and premium flavours are still popular, ice-cream lovers are also seeking alternative formats, such as minis, that allow them to have a decadent treat more often.”

NZICMA President Alex Gimenez said “buying local is more important than ever, so we’re encouraging everyone to do their bit for New Zealand and join us in celebration of the quality and diversity of New Zealand’s amazing ice cream, gelato, sorbet and dairy-free frozen products. There’s no better time to try something new, with NZ Ice Cream Month running throughout February.”

New Zealand made ice cream gelato and sorbet uses locally produced ingredients such as milk and fresh fruit. Additionally manufacturing creates employment in New Zealand as does the recent move towards more gelato and ice cream scoop shops, selling locally made gourmet ice cream and gelato.

Illustrate your appreciation for your favourite scoop store by voting for them in the Barker’s Favourite NZ Scoop Store here. At the end of NZ Ice Cream Month one Kiwi scoop shop will be crowned Barker’s Favourite NZ Scoop Shop by popular vote and everyone who votes goes in the draw for one of five NZ Ice Cream Lovers Packs.

Throughout February there’s also a Taste of NZ Summer competition with ice cream lovers invited to share a photo of their best summer NZ ice cream, gelato or sorbet on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #nzicecreammonth or #nzicecream #nzgelato to win NZ Ice Cream Lovers Packs.