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International Chefs Day 2015 – Coming Up!

CaptureSave the Date: The annual International Chefs day celebrations will take place on Tuesday 20 October 2015.

The Message: “Healthy Kids- Healthy Future” is the campaign message. The intention for this year is to engage with a local school, nursery school or kindergarten in your community and to have fun with young children, while teaching them about healthy eating. Thanks to our partner “Nestlé Professional” and the assistance of the World Chefs Without Borders committee, we have created healthy recipes and an easy campaign concept for chef associations to recreate with their members.

What to do: The chef associations, in conjunction with Nestlé Professional will be working with a local nursery school, primary school, or even an orphanage or community development centre with children between the ages of 4-8 ( in line with targeted activities). They will be jointly planning the event, so expect a fun day of spreading the message of healthy eating! Expect to play games with the kids (a simple health quiz, or sports activities, etc) or feed them nutritious meals.

Find out more about International Chefs day here.

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