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Is this the world’s most hygienic cutting board?

Good food hygiene and safety is critical for any hospitality business.  Food preparation is an everyday, key area and you must have the best equipment available to help achieve your food hygiene goals.

To date, wooden boards manufactured with glues, dyes and inserts, along with colour coded plastic boards, have been the standard food preparation cutting and serving options in the commercial kitchen.  Each have significant challenges in regard to ensuring bacteria are eliminated, including in the clean-up phase.

Now there is a proven alternative. Fab Slabs Cutting & Serving Boards are made from Camphor-Laurel timber, which has independent laboratory* testing to prove its natural antibacterial properties, even after ten years of hard usage in a commercial kitchen environment.

What’s more, each Fab Slabs Cutting & Serving Board is cut from a single piece of eco-sourced, kiln-dried timber, which prevents warping, has no dyes or inserts and is extremely hard-wearing.  And they look great too!  Each board looks unique, due to this process.

So throw out your old wooden and plastic boards and invest in food hygiene with cutting and serving boards you can trust for life.

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*JLLabsAU 2017