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Kiwi Coffee-Lovers To Pay It Forward

NZ Suspended Coffee JamaicaBlue _FlatWhiteNew Zealand’s coffee-lovers will get the chance to ‘pay it forward’ to deserving strangers this spring, when Jamaica Blue Riccarton will launch a three-month suspended coffee program on International Coffee Day, 29 September.

Also known as ‘espresso sospeso’, the Italian-born ‘suspended coffee’ movement calls on consumers to purchase discounted coffees for subsequent gifting in the form of vouchers to people in need or who serve the community.

In partnership with Volunteering Canterbury – a not-for-profit organisation that primarily relies on unpaid volunteers to perform various works across New Zealand for charitable purposes – the Jamaica Blue café at Westfield Riccarton in Christchurch will sell suspended coffee for $2 a cup, with a guarantee of at least 50 Jamaica Blue complimentary coffee vouchers to be donated to Volunteering Canterbury each month of the three month program.

A first for the brand, the launch of Jamaica Blue’s suspended coffee program coincides with International Coffee Day, a day recognised in many countries to celebrate the popular beverage and in some countries the day also promotes fair trade coffee to raise awareness.

Jamaica Blue customers will be able to track their collective contribution to Volunteering Canterbury via a chalkboard tally display at the Jamaica Blue Riccarton café.

“Volunteering Canterbury is delighted to partner with Jamaica Blue to practically provide recognition of the volunteers who freely give-up their time and efforts purely for the common good. While a cup of coffee may seem like a relatively minor offering, it certainly isn’t. It’s a significant token of appreciation that is filled with sentiment and is sure to warm the hearts of our volunteers and of the wider community,” said Volunteering Canterbury Manager, Ruth Gardner.

Jamaica Blue takes its name from the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica – one of the world’s best coffee-growing regions and home to Jamaica Blue’s exclusive single-origin Wallenford Estate® Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

For more information, visit or check-out the Jamaica Blue page on Facebook.