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Lab delivers taste-bud tempting muffin ingenuity

rsz_muffin_breakIt’s Muffin Lab time again and this season’s line-up has a great wholesome feel to it befitting the lead in to the coolest season.

Each month, Muffin Break offers a new limited edition muffin throughout its 42 bakery cafés. All muffins are designed by the talented master muffin makers and undergo rigorous testing for creativity and flavour. The ‘Muffin Lab’ range features a series of dangerously delicious creations that push the boundaries of muffin innovation giving Kiwi lovers of baking new and exciting ways to enjoy their favourite muffin.

Muffin Break’s autumn line-up features innovative flavours such as banana and caramel, pineapple, raspberry and even Earl Grey tea to brighten up even the dullest day.

Gemma Fitzsimons, Muffin Break Marketing Manager says the company has applied a wholesome approach to the new curious creation recipes for the new muffin flavours.

“It’s inside the Muffin Lab where we nurture and grow only our best ideas,” Gemma says. “Our Master Muffin Makers work round-the-clock, delicately picking, dicing and slicing all kinds of wondrous ingredients, and in the process unearthing unique flavour combinations that are guaranteed to delight the senses.

“They’re not just delicious; they’re also fun and interesting. We draw inspiration for our muffin flavours from a variety of places including directly from our customers, so get ready for a taste-bud explosion over the coming months as we unveil our curious creation flavours.”

Kiwis who think they have a flair for designing the perfect muffin can submit their creation at for the chance to win a $500 visa card and have their muffin available at Muffin Break stores around the country.

Muffin Break Muffin Lab muffins have an RRP of $5 and this season’s line-up is:

May – Upside Down Pineapple and Chipotle

June – Earl Grey Tea, Raspberry and Lemon Butter Icing.