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Leash it, link it, track it, recover it!

luggage leash resizedLuggage Leash, an easy to use, Bluetooth GPS tracking device that assists in preventing luggage from being lost or stolen by activating a loud alarm on mobile phone devices has attracted over 25,000 downloads in just six months. It is useful for both travellers, and hotel staff charged with the care of their guest’s luggage.

Tony Lotzof, co-founder of Luggage Leash says thousands of items are lost or stolen each year and if stolen, very few can be recovered, until now. Luggage Leash provides an easy way to keep track of suitcases and travel items. “The beauty about our system is that it uses community tracking technology, so if your luggage does become misplaced or stolen you can immediately update the status on your app and other Luggage Leash IT app users’ mobile devices to start searching for your item, with automatic updates as it is being tracked.

“Simply place the coin sized device into or onto  luggage, then download and register the free Luggage Leash IT app onto a smart phone and once it is synchronised you are ready to go,” says Lotzof. Available from the Apple Store,more information about stockists can be located at