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‘Let’s Talk Hospitality 2020’- proposal unveiled

Hospitality New Zealand has given the future incoming Government its key priorities for a Survive, Revive & Thrive strategy.

Hospitality New Zealand has released its election priorities, highlighting nine key areas the incoming Government should consider, so that the country’s hospitality sector is well positioned to survive, revive and thrive over the next three years.

The association’s proposal, Let’s Talk Hospitality 2020, seeks immediate targeted action from the Government, to compensate for the disproportionate hit the $14 billion hospitality industry has suffered due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hospitality New Zealand Chief Executive, Julie White says “The providers in the Accommodation and Food and Beverages sector play a critical role in New Zealand’s economy and cultural make up. Our industry does not exist in isolation, but we desperately need a strategic and targeted approach from the incoming Government in order to get through the challenges ahead of us.”

Based on the current climate and conditions of hospitality businesses across the nation, Hospitality New Zealand has outlined the following actions as key priorities for the sector:

  • A targeted hospitality industry support package
  • The establishment of a Minister of Hospitality
  • Regulatory revision of the sector
  • A regulated framework for short-term rental accommodation
  • Infrastructure support surrounding freedom camping
  • Incentivising hospitality career pathways and investing in training
  • Introducing a nationwide approach to the funding of tourism infrastructure 
  • Supporting the Sustainability Commitment across all sectors 
  • Improving Class 4 Gaming policy

“As the voice of the hospitality industry, the recommendations we’ve put forward in Let’s Talk Hospitality, acknowledges the complexities and the diversity of those operating within our sector – from cafes and restaurants to hotels, motels, pubs and bars and gaming – providing a pathway to enable Kiwi hospitality businesses to thrive once again.”

Let’s Talk Hospitality also identifies the disparity between the industry’s significant economic contribution and existing Government support. While the food services and accommodation sectors collectively contribute over $6 billion to GDP and employ over 170,000 people across 22,000 businesses, in recent years the sector has seen increased fees, the introduction of complex regulations and poor Government policy. 

“The outlook for our sector remains bleak without additional Government assistance. Our proposed recommendations are critical – because in a pre-COVID era, hospitality and tourism have underpinned economic growth in New Zealand.

“The $40 billion hospitality tourism sector was one of the first hit by COVID-19, and likely to be one of the last to recover due to continued border closures. We’re asking the Government to develop strategies, support systems and governance that understands and values the hospitality sector and the critical role it plays in New Zealand’s cultural fabric, economy and tourism.” said White.