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Level 3 rules for Auckland offer ‘glimmer of hope’

Auckland will move to Level 3 at 11.59 pm tomorrow night.

A move down to alert Level 3 offers a small glimmer of hope for the industry, however, hospitality specific financial relief is now long overdue, says Marisa Bidois of Restaurant Association on today’s alert level move decision.

“It’s a relief to see Auckland coming down to alert Level 3 this week and we know many will be keen to get back into their businesses again and reconnect with customers.

“However, whilst some businesses can start trading again, takeaway is not viable for all businesses. For those that are able to adapt to takeaway, their takings are typically 40-60 per cent down on normal revenue.

“What we’d now like to see is our businesses being able to get back to work as we move down the alert levels but also the right financial support offered to those that most need it.”

Auckland will remain at Alert Level 3 for at least two weeks with a review of the decision on Monday 4 October.

Alert Level 3 advice for Aucklanders includes sticking to bubbles, contactless transactions and keeping their distance from each other.

People in Auckland should continue to shop and access services locally, wearing a face covering when leaving home and continue to scan in.

More Auckland businesses can open at Alert Level 3, but only in accordance with strict rules. If possible, people should also continue to work and learn from home.

What you need to know about operating at Level 3